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At Rudis Enterprises, we offer a complete range of services to our residential and commercial clients throughout Scranton and the surrounding communities of Northeastern Pennsylvania. From new home construction, plumbing and electrical, to flooring, roofing, siding, and even 24-7 emergency services, we take great pride in exceeding your expectations in everything that we do.

In addition, Rudis Enterprises also offers a complete range of property management services for residential and commercial structures throughout Scranton and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you’re ready to obtain a price estimate or bid for your project, contact Rudis Enterprises today by calling 570.591.2453 or send your project details via our contact page.


Rudis Enterprises - Scranton Construction Contractor

Rudis Enterprise Construction Service Inc – Scranton PA’s Best General Contractor!

For most people, finding a dependable and affordable general contractor Scranton PA can be a real struggle. Most contractors in the area are more of a handyman service, offering high pricing for basic repair services. But when you need larger repairs or home renovations completed, you need a dedicated contractor with the experience you need for more types of projects.
That’s why more homeowners in Scranton PA hire Rudis Enterprise Construction Services Inc. Rather than choosing an expensive home builder, our team can save you more on all of your home repair service needs. With more options on repairs and home remodeling work, you can save more on convenient service than ever before.

Hiring the better local choice in construction services isn’t just a better choice in new construction builds. When you call our team, you’re choosing lower rates on more types of services than anyone else in the area. Call us when you need a better choice in local:
• Kitchen Remodel In Scranton
• Bathroom Remodel In Scranton
• Home Renovation In Scranton
• Roofing In Scranton
• Plumbing In Scranton
• Electrical Work In Scranton
• Property Management In Scranton
• And more home repair and maintenance services.
No matter what you home needs, we can offer you the best quality of service without charging the same expensive rates a local home builder would. Call us today when you need a repair team that’s as affordable as they are convenient.
We Do Kitchen Remodel In Scranton!
When it comes time to rebuilding your home, the kitchen is a popular place to start. From needing better cooking appliances to making it fit the style and personality that you need it to, kitchen remodeling is a versatile way to improve any home.
Unfortunately, more local construction companies charge high prices, convincing you to go over budget on add-ons that don’t add any benefit or value. But our team has enough experience in kitchen remodels to know how to balance functionality and style, giving you a better kitchen remodel each time. When you need your dream kitchen to stay on budget, let us help you with your home.
Your #1 Choice For Bathroom Remodeling In Scranton!
Most bathrooms are bland and uninviting. Many people go for the most basic bathroom possible during construction, allowing a lower initial building cost. Unfortunately, this can leave a lot to be desired, and more homeowners choose to have a bathroom remodel performed, even if they don’t plan on selling their house.
A remodeled bathroom can not only make a home look more inviting, but it can also add a lot of value to your home. With better plumbing fixtures and creative tile work, our team can easily transform any bathroom into a better room. With faster service and lower labor costs, you’ll love how we can make your bathroom look each time.

Home Renovations In Scranton:
Whether you have a recently purchased investment property or simply need your home to look more modern, our team offers comprehensive home remodeling services. Rather than using expensive trades companies and pricey home builders, our team offers the lowest pricing possible on all renovation services. From removing walls safely to rebuilding your bedroom, home additions and other residential construction projects, our team offers more forms of services at affordable pricing than anyone else.
Need Roof Repair In Scranton?
Roofing services are an important aspect of home maintenance options. But dedicated roofing specialists can cost a fortune, even when you know you only need a few new asphalt roofing tiles replaced. Our team offers complete roofing services at affordable pricing, giving more area residents a better choice in roofing services. Before you pay too much for your roof repairs, let us help you. We offer better pricing for your:
• Roof Tile Repairs
• Roof Leaks
• Roof Line Cracks
• Roof Rebuilds
• Roof Frame Repairs
• And more roofing repair services.
Call Us For Plumbing Repair:
Even the simplest plumbing repair can quickly add up to a higher service charge. From clogged drains and plumbing lines to needing a new plumbing fixture installed, our team can offer top quality plumbing repair services at a lower cost than professional plumbing contractors. You won’t have to pay high trades fees to get the level of quality you deserve.

Electrical Repairs:
Home electrical repairs can be an expensive service call, even if it’s a simple matter of moving a few wires. Rather than hiring a pricey electrical services company, our team offers better electrical repairs services at lower repair rates. Call us when you need a better choice in local:
• Wiring Repairs
• New Electrical Fixture Installations
• New Appliance Installations
• Electrical Renovations
• And more.
There’s no need to pay high electrician labor costs when you have our team of professional construction contractors. Get top quality construction repair services at affordable rates by choosing us.

Did We Mention We Do Property Management?
A good property management company can make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to sell your home. By keeping up with regular maintenance repairs and being able to tackle the bigger problems quickly, you can ensure that your home looks better for longer.
Unfortunately, more property management companies charge high prices for basic maintenance options. Most companies leave a lot to be desired when you need property management, and as a result, your investment property can cause higher holding costs, and possibly never sell at all.
Our team, however, offers a better quality of repairs on more types of maintenance solutions. We can keep your home looking better for longer, allowing you to continue leasing it or maximize your return on investment when it goes to market. For a better choice in local property management solutions, just give us a call first.
Call Today!
When your home needs quality repairs, but you still need to save, call Rudis Enterprise Construction Services Inc before you settle for anyone else. We are always available for your needs, offering more types of repair services for less. Stop paying more for your home repair needs and let the local construction repair professionals help you. Call today to schedule us, or for a free estimate on any service, you may need. With better, faster service and lower pricing, we’re the best in local service repairs each time.

Frankie Rudis Enterprises - Scranton Construction Contractor

Meet the Founder

Frankie Rudis has been involved in construction since his childhood, so it was no surprise when he established his own firm, Rudis Enterprises, in 2011.

“I’ve been building things since the age of around 12,” Frankie explained, adding, “My grandfather would build decks and garages on the weekends, so I would build with him. I was quite young when I discovered the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you build something. It’s so fulfilling to stand back and say, ‘Wow, I built that!’”

Throughout high school, Frankie took classes in carpentry and millwork and on the weekends, he’d work on various projects. In addition, Frankie has also attended courses on computer drafting and architectural design.

Out of high school, Frankie joined a restoration company, working alongside carpenters and other tradesmen, learning various aspects of the business. From there, he transitioned into residential construction, ultimately working for a luxury home building firm for a period of about four years performing a diverse range of different work, from roofing, to landscaping and beyond.


Testimonials for Rudis Enterprises - Scranton Building Contractors

“I had the opportunity to work with Rudis Enterprises this past summer when I was looking to add an additional single car garage to my property. I was very happy with the quality of workmanship and the professionalism of the team. The job was completed in a timely manner and within the budget. The structure looks as if it was part of the original property, and not an after-thought. The inside of the garage is complete with wall cabinets for storage, epoxy flooring with center drain for easy cleanup, can lights for weekend projects, and baseboard heating for those chilly days while working on those projects. I look forward to working with Rudis Enterprises again in the near future to install a mud room in the attached garage, and a new backyard patio and deck complete with outdoor kitchen and fireplace. I highly recommend Rudis Enterprises if you are considering adding to your current property or if you are looking to remodel your existing home.”

Testimonials for Rudis Enterprises - Scranton Building Contractors

“Over the years, I have hired what turned out to be some very unprofessional contractors, but Rudis Enterprises does not fall into this category! In fact, they restored my faith in contractors, proving that there are still a few good gems out there! I first hired Rudis Enterprises to handle some repairs and upgrades on a few of my rental properties. They did such a great job that I decided to give their property management services a try and they have done an exceptional job. To date, I’ve worked with Rudis Enterprises on a few different occasions, for several different projects including a new deck and new replacement windows. This company did not disappoint, as the quality of the work was wonderful and the company owner, Frankie, was very communicative, calling me daily to check in and provide me with an update and info on when they would arrive and depart. Plus, they left the area super clean and tidy – something I’ve never seen before! Highly recommended. A++++!”


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