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Effective property management is the key to a profitable rental property, but it can be a tremendous hassle to deal with tenants and the many issues that can arise. But that’s exactly where the residential property management experts at Rudis Enterprises.

At Rudis Enterprises, we provide clients throughout Scranton and the surrounding NE PA region with complete residential property management services, relieving property owners of the burden and hassle associated with landlord-ship and property management.

From emergency 24-hour repair services and property maintenance, to tenant screening and beyond, Rudis Enterprises’ clients can rest easy knowing that your rental homes are in the hands of a trustworthy, capable company.

Quite simply, we know what it takes to keep your tenants happy. And happy tenants means a profitable asset.

Rudis Enterprises is also fully bonded, licensed and insured.

Need Help With Residential Property Management?

If you’re in search of one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s top residential property management service providers, turn to the experts at Rudis Enterprises. Contact us today to discuss your property management needs. Call 570.591.2453.


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