Rudis Enterprises - Scranton Construction ContractorBased in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Frankie Rudis is the owner and CEO of Rudis Enterprises. He brings a lifetime of experience in the field, along with a

strong commitment to strong communication and absolute client satisfaction.

Frankie Rudis has been involved in construction since his childhood, so it was no surprise when he established his own firm, Rudis Enterprises, in 2011.

“I’ve been building things since the age of around 12,” Frankie explained, adding, “My grandfather would build decks and garages on the weekends, so I would build with him. I was quite young when I discovered the feeling of accomplishment that you get when you build something. It’s so fulfilling to stand back and say, ‘Wow, I built that!’”

Throughout high school, Frankie took classes in carpentry and millwork and on the weekends, he’d work on various projects. In addition, Frankie has also attended courses on computer drafting and architectural design.

Out of high school, Frankie joined a restoration company, working alongside carpenters and other tradesmen, learning various aspects of the business. From there, he transitioned into residential construction, ultimately working for a leading luxury home development firm for a period of about four years performing a diverse range of different work, from roofing, to landscaping and beyond.

“My former boss was a huge inspiration to me and I learned a lot. It was around this time that I realized that I wanted a company like that for myself. I wanted a showroom. I wanted to make people happy by building structures that people would have for the rest of their lives,” Frankie explained.

After working with the luxury home development firm, Frankie transitioned to a position with American Residential Communities, overseeing nearly a dozen different mobile home parks.

“That was a very large firm and I learned a lot — communication, order and supply, working with contractors,” he added.

From there, Frankie began working for the Housing Development Corporation, managing 150-unit, 9-12 story high-rises. He started out as a maintenance technician and then advanced to a position of maintenance supervisor.

While working for this company, Frankie spent his nights and weekends establishing the roots of what would ultimately become Rudis Enterprises.

Today, Rudis Enterprises is renowned throughout the area for the unmatched quality of work, combined with extremely strong communication.

“Communication is really key. I’m constantly sending emails, making calls, following up and ensuring that everything is progressing well. Communication is definitely what sets this company apart,” Rudis explained, adding, “I’m also compulsively clean. I believe in treating my clients’ property as if it was my own.

“We’re selective in terms of the jobs we take on. I want to ensure that each project gets 100%. I enjoy being in a position where I can speak with every client on a daily basis.”

In addition to owning and operating Rudis Enterprises, Frankie is also involved in another venture whereby he and a partner rehab and rent properties.

And when he’s not working, Frankie can be found spending time with his family.

If you’re in search of one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s premier contractors, turn to Frankie Rudis and the team at Rudis Enterprises. Call 570.591.2453.


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